The Nine Noble Virtues of Life; Episode 6

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A morally upright person is defined with specific traits and qualities, which are the foundations of principles. These moral virtues are a person’s attitudes, good habits, and governing one’s actions, passions, and conduct. Virtues are not inborn but have to be acquired by human effort. 

In this article, I will explain the nine noble virtues that you should embrace.


Courage is the attitude of facing and dealing with fears, defending your family, and being kindred from all dangers, difficulties, and pain.  A courageous person does not procrastinate or withdraw from life’s occurrences.


Discipline refers to doing what is necessary and right of your own accord without threat or bribe. A disciplined person trains their mind or body to control their behavior.


Fidelity is defined as being loyal, faithful, authentic, and an accurate copy of yourself. It is pledging yourself to be true to your family, friends, kindred, and to those whom you serve. Fidelity is demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.


Honor refers to high regard or great respect given, received, or enjoyed. It is adherence to action and principles and keenness to standing by your oaths to honor the ancestors by keeping your name pure among your kindred 


Hospitality is the virtue of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way. A generous person will share material things, food, and drink with friends, kindred, and the weary traveler at their door.


An industrious person is hardworking and dedicated to action. They are characterized by working energetically and devotedly, earnestly, and with steady effort. An involved person will take joy in labor and hold nothing against what they do.


Perseverance is the steady persistence in the course of action, a purpose, a state, especially in times of difficulties.  A person with perseverance does not give up. They have the tenacity and effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it’s hard. It is also pressing against all odds until a goal is met, the task is finished, and you have done everything you said you would do.


Self-reliance is the ability to depend on yourself or your capabilities: Though this is a slow and laborious process, it is the only way to get things done and meet your own needs. It may involve learning new skills and growing strong so that you may earn your way in the world and be no burden unto others.


Truth is the quality of being loyal, trustworthy, sincere, genuine, and honest in accordance with experience, facts, or reality. Strive always to seek the truth even though it may be harsh. Pledge to speak true words or stand in silence and defend the truth from those who do not honor it.

Just like the ten commandments tell us what not to do, the 9 Noble Virtues give people a positive guideline for righteous behavior. They create and inspire noble heroes.

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