Manosphere Investing In Yourself; Episode 5

NFT Explained – Shiba Cards The Jason V. Holmes Podcast

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Manosphere has long been associated with men’s activism against feminism, but this isn’t the only idea from the space. Instead, it works to cultivate behaviors that can lead to better marriage choices and good relationships with our spouses and children.

Invest In Yourself, and Become Valuable 

People don’t love you because of your emotional energy, but because of the value you add to their lives and making yourself a better man is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself. No one can help you with that; you have to see the brighter side and move towards creating a good life for yourself and your loved ones by channeling your time and money into things that matter.

Investing in yourself means using your resources to improve your capabilities. This is the best investment you can ever make, and it’s a signal that you value yourself and the resources you have. It also elicits a desire from others to be like you and is the ideal way to attracts like-minded people in your life. Putting effort into bettering yourself will always pay off. However, at times we get drawn to investing in other people who should not be our responsibilities, such as side women, girlfriends you don’t see ever marrying, and here is where we make mistakes.

I know what I’m about to say will stir up some resistance, but who cares? The fact remains that at the end of it all, it’s all about you, so truth be told. If the woman in your life is not your wife, don’t invest in her at the expense of your future. Girlfriend relationships are just stations in our way to our real wives and children; you are not legally married, which makes her not your legal responsibility. Save your hard-earned resources for your future family.

Steps To Attract a Better Partner for Life

We all want great partners in our life, and there is no magic attached to it. The secret to attracting the type of person you desire is delivering what you want to get to the world. If you want a family woman, you must be a family man. Invest in yourself to be the person you want to attract in your life, which will help you get a good deal.

When we become our best version, we have the absolute best ways to attract our match and not just any woman, but the one with the quality we have. Drawing a good match starts with you; work on yourself, be a role model of what you want your partner to be.

Save The Husband Benefits for Your Marriage, 

Getting married changes your financial life in profound ways, and you might have to work harder than you did when you were dating. Prepare for it, don’t waste your resource in relationships that don’t lead to marriage; your fiancé can leave anytime without you questioning, and you will have to start all over again. Living together does not make your engagement legal, nor does a dating ring make it legal either. Your status changes only after marriage, and this is the only honest place to invest.

As a man, your decisions won’t just affect your productivity framework but also your financial, emotional, and legal ones. A little preparation now will pay off handsomely; invest in yourself to be a substantial man in your family and community.

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