Manosphere and Task Management; Episode 3

Manosphere and Task Management; Episode 3 The Jason V. Holmes Podcast


As men, our focus should be on developing ourselves into men of value for our family and community. The manosphere space can use time blocking to help them find their purpose and cultivate their value in life. Task management is key to success; it will help you stay on track and achieve your goals. During this episode, we talk about productive techniques that men can focus on to be good quality men in their families and the community. We also dive in on strategies that can help you manage your time to increase your productivity. 

If you strive to become a man of value for your family and community, chasing women will not make you productive or get you to the right destination. Chasing after women will distract you from your goal; use your money and resources to stay in the process by managing the tasks that make you a better person.

As men, we have to be in the right place to impact our path and the world around us positively. Focusing on developing yourselves is not selfish; it’s self-care, valuing who you are, and that is what the manosphere is all about, developing ourselves inside-out into men of value for our families and community. What you are building to provide your family with value is what makes you a good man.

Manosphere Definition of Task Management

Task management is managing tasks systematically throughout their entire cycle to include planning, testing, tracking, and reporting. This creates a direct path to the execution of the activities that can lead you to achieve your goals. Whether you want to develop your capabilities, talents or invest in your family, the process is the same. 

Task management is a practical productivity tool, and it can help keep you on your path. It’s more than a to-do list, and you have to go through the process and cultivate your discipline to ensure you track tasks from the beginning to the end to achieve your goals. Managing your tasks will help you to stay in the process and achieve your goal. The beginning is always the hardest but planning your life and tracking your activities will help you get to the end of it and become that man you desire. Making it to the end and achieving your goal is a badge of honor.  

Practical Methods of Prioritizing Tasks in Task Management

The biggest paradox in task management is dealing with the paradox that everything is important. Every task is important, but handling everything at a go can be overwhelming. Prioritizing your tasks is key to successful time management and task completion. Learning how to prioritize tasks is not a strenuous exercise; it will only cost you little of your time, but you will reap tremendously, and it will change your life. Know your priorities, reduce stress, increase your focus and productivity levels.

There are different manosphere men’s self-help task management elements. Still, I’m going to focus on three, which I’ve been using to prioritize my daily tasks to reduce stress and optimize my productivity. 

  • Ivy Lee Method. This method is based on ranking your daily tasks by their urgency. Here the most urgent and important tasks are prioritized and completed first. 
  • The ABCDE method. This method focuses on separating tasks with similar priorities based on their true importance by giving them multiple layers of prioritization to clarify their importance.  
  • “Eating the frog” method. This is a strategy that can help set a productive tone for the day by doing the most critical task first and avoiding everything else until it’s completed.

We’re not perfect. Just do your best in prioritizing your tasks to meet deadlines and stay on track. How you start a day sets the tone for the rest of it, but often, getting a large and yet important task out of the way will give you the momentum, inspiration, and energy to keep moving.

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