Manosphere and Time-Blocking; Episode 2

Manosphere and Time-Blocking; Episode 2 The Jason V. Holmes Podcast


It is widely said that the quality of the society we live in largely depends on the quality of the family. Good morals, hard work, honesty, love, respect, and any other healthy human virtue are nurtured in the family. The success of the family is influenced by the value of women around you. Some men have much zeal to become better, but the women who come into their lives destroy their ego, dreams, and masculinity. This makes manhood and fatherhood an awesome responsibility that every man should be proud of and learn new skills to develop themselves.

Manosphere is a positive men’s self-help concept, and it’s all about manhood and fatherhood principles. The quality of our society depends on our virtues and the values that we pass down to our families. Good morals, hard work, honesty, love, respect are the qualities that make us men of value, and without them, we will not be able to nurture and raise a principled generation to take over after us. 

Substantial and valuable men are not rare; you are just a few steps away from becoming one of them. These are real gentlemen who respect, guide, and help people become better and responsible in life. However, this starts with you, this begins with you, your behavior precipitates the behavior of people around you, and your behavior is your choice. The power is in your hands.

Manosphere Time blocking Facts

Time blocking is a time management strategy where you plan to spend every minute of any day in your life. The two most valuable resources in the world are time and money, and achieving a balance between these two requires a high-level discipline. Time is money, and making the most of every second will pay off handsomely. 

You can make more money, but you cannot make more time. Your time is your life; when you give it to people, you provide them with a portion of your life that you will never get back, and when you waste it, you waste a part of your life.  Time blocking is a practical men’s self-help tool that can make your life focused, productive, and valuable. Plan your life wisely, and you will not be a victim of another man’s plan. 

Manosphere Success Vocabulary

Success equals discipline, and discipline helps you set boundaries for yourself, your time, your resources, and the people around you. The quality of people you engage with determines the person you become in the future. The success of any man is influenced by the quality of the people around him. Many of us have much zeal to become better, but the women and the people who come into our lives destroy our visions, dreams, and masculinity. To become a person of success, you must define your boundaries, be disciplined and seek to become a person of value. 

Success is the ultimate goal of every man, but it’s not the sole accumulation of material wealth; it involves personal and professional development. Making yourselves better and investing in yourselves to build your capacities, character, and values to impact the world around you positively is nobler. Take time to think about others, how your behavior influences their life, and be a person to be emulated in your family and society. This will grant you true happiness and success. The two are inseparable; you cannot have one without the other.

Masculinity Criticism, and how to make the best out of It 

Every society needs valuable men with noble character, but we have our flaws, weaknesses, and strengths just like other human beings. The world expects us to be stereotypical masculine, less empathetic, and stoic. Still, our society needs conscientious, compassionate, and responsible men who are accountable for their actions and the future of the next generation. Manosphere is championing men’s self-help practices and Celebrating those who engage in positive behaviors to become valuable men in their families and society.