The Jason V. Holmes Podcast Introduction; Episode 1

The Jason V. Holmes Podcast Introduction; Episode 1 The Jason V. Holmes Podcast


0:00:05.5 Jason: Welcome to the Jason P. Holmes Podcast. I’m your host, Jason, and in my podcast, I will talk about economics, world events, life in Korea, the manosphere, entrepreneurship, the book I’m writing, and more. Now, let me warn you, this isn’t a podcast for your social justice warriors and people who live in their feelings. This is a podcast for people who would like and can appreciate rational thinking, with a touch of military humor. I speak from a rational male point of view. So welcome, and it’s great to have you.

0:00:34.0 Jason: Good morning. It is Tuesday, August 17, and it is 5:33 AM here in South Korea. So this is my first episode of my podcast, and I wanna first say, thank you for listening, tuning in to it. So this is not gonna be a very long podcast since this is my introduction. I just wanted to give a little more information on what I’m gonna talk about. So like my introduction said, we’re gonna talk about economics, world events, life in Korea, the manosphere, entrepreneurship and more. So, economics. Alright. I am a fan of economics, I like studying it when I have free time. I think it is a very important subject to know and understand. ‘Cause there’s various forms of economics, there’s a lot with it. So there are gonna be some episodes where we talk about economics in the US, economics in Korea, economics overseas. Just various economic systems and structures to go over.

0:01:38.7 Jason: So, world events. So I have been living overseas since 2008. I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and, I guess, the first country I ever lived in outside of the US was Japan. Then after Japan, I guess it was Portugal, and the after Portugal, it was South Korea. But in between all those times, I also visited and traveled to other countries, so I got about seven plus countries underneath my belt that I’ve been to, visited. Eat, love and laugh, that is so… We’re gonna talk world events but in particular, world events that impact the future of the world, if that makes any sense. I know in our own towns, countries and all that, we have our own problems, but I think we lose sight of the fact that world events do impact what can, what happens to us in our local towns, to a certain degree of course, but we will cover that.

0:02:38.0 Jason: And then we’ve got to talk about my life in Korea. I’ve been in Korea since 2013. Yes, that’s a very long time, for me in particular, being that I’m in the military, but through various policies and things, I was able to use… I was able to stay here for this long. So we’re gonna cover living in Korea. And then I guess one of the trending topics, to talk about is the manosphere. Yes, I am, I guess you would say, kinda a red pill person, so we’re gonna talk a little bit about the manosphere. It’s gonna be a little bit more tame compared to some of the other guys, but we’re gonna talk about the manosphere, on how… My style, but yes, we will have manosphere talks. And then one of my favorite things, my next career outside the military, is full-time, next… My next full-time career, outside the military, is entrepreneurship. Yes, I’m gonna talk about entrepreneurship. So yes, currently I do work full-time in the United States Air Force, but I also have a side business on the side, and I do various other entrepreneurship ventures. We’re gonna cover into that.

0:03:51.2 Jason: Then we’re gonna also talk about my book that I’m working on, called The Four-Story Building. Throughout this podcast, we’re gonna cover… We’re gonna talk about the book, why I’m writing a book. I’m gonna go over a couple of chapters or parts that I’m writing, get your feedback, get your thoughts on it. And yeah. So that is all I wanted to go over for now, more to come. So how often will I post? Alright, since I’m starting out this thing, let’s shoot for once a week for now, and as I get the hang of it, like get my systems down, procedures down, whatnot, then I’ll start posting podcasts with more frequency. But for now, they’re gonna be a once a week podcast and if you like it, comment, give me your feedback. And make sure you subscribe, big time, please. But anyway, that’s all I got for you guys. It is now 5:33 AM here in South Korea and I need to get ready for work. But yeah, I appreciate you. Thanks for listening. Talk to you later.

0:05:03.6 Jason: Well, that’s the end of the podcast, and if you like Jason P. Holmes Podcast, we’ll appreciate it if you subscribe, rate, and give a review. Until next time.